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Fluroscence upconversion,
Ultrafast laser spectroscopy

Ultrafast Lasers and Fluorescence Microscopy laboratory
   Recent Publications :
  1. B. S. Kalanoor , S. A. Ali, P. B. Bisht*, T. T. Baby, S. Ramaprabhu
    Optical nonlinearity of silver decorated graphene

    J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 29 (2012) 669 - 675.

  2. V. R. Dantham, P. B. Bisht*, B. S. Kalanoor, T. T. Baby, S. Ramaprabhu
    Restricting charge transfer in dye
    -graphene system, 
    Chem. Phys. Letters 521 (2012) 130-133

  3. V. R. Dantham and P. B. Bisht, 
    Influence of whispering gallery modes (WGMs) on energy transfer, 
    Chem. Phys 388 (2011 )38-42.

  4. V. R. Dantham, P. B. Bisht and C. K. R. Namboodiri,
    Enhancement of Raman scattering by two orders of magnitude using photonic nanojet of a microsphere,
    J. Appl. Physics 109( 2011) 103103.
    ***A news about this work is in NATURE INDIA*** : Click here for the direct link and PDF version.

  5. K.S. Bindra, C.P.Singh, S.M.Oak, R.Sailaja, and P. B. Bisht
    Effect of nonlinear absorption in estimation of order of nonlinear optical process by fluorescence intensity, 
    J. Optics & Laser Tech. 43 (2011) 1486-1490.

  6. V. R. Dantham, P. B. Bisht, and P. S. Dobal,
    Whispering gallery modes and effect of coating on Raman spectra of single microspheres
    J. Raman Spectroscopy, 42 (2011) 1373-1378.

  7. S. Akbar Ali, P. B. Bisht, A. Senthilmurugan and I. S. Aidhen,
    A new fluorescent probe with stimulated emission and multiphoton absorption properties, 
    Chem. Phys, 382 (2011) 68-73.

  8. Prem B Bisht, Parametric and nonparametric processes in ultrafast optics,
    KIRAN- Bulletin of Indian Laser Association, Dec. 2010.

  9. S. Akbar Ali, P. B. Bisht, A. Nautiyal, V. Shukla, K. S. Bindra and S. M. Oak, Conical emission in β-barium borate under femtosecond pumping with phase matching angles away from second harmonic generation, J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 27(2010)1751-1755.

  10. Ambika Nautiyal, Prem B. Bisht
    Steady state and time-resolved studies of pyrene in solution and in single microcrystals, 
    Journal of Luminescence 130 (2010)1829-1833.

  11. D. Venkata Ramanaiah and P. B. Bisht,
    High-Q whispering gallery modes of doped and coated single microspheres and their effect on radiative rate,
    J. Opt. Soc. A m. B 26 (2009) 290.

  12. Ambika Nautiyal, P. B. Bisht, , K. S. Bindra and S. M. Oak, 
    Effects of thickness of <beta>-barium borate and angle of non-collinearity on the fs pulse generation by optical parametric amplification

    Optics & Laser Technology 41 (2009) 539-541.

  13. Ambika Nautiyal, Prem B. Bisht,
      Broadly tunable parametric line emission from <beta> - barium borate on pumping with picosecond pulses,

    Optics Communications 281 (2008) 3351- 3355.

  14. A. Nautiyal, Prem B. Bisht
    Sum and difference frequency generation of white light continuum with the ps pulses of Nd+3:YAG laser in a thick BBO crystal 
    Optics Communications 278
     ,175-179 (2007)

  15. R. Sailaja, Prem B. Bisht, C. P. Singh, K. S. Bindra and S. M. Oak
    Influence of multiphoton events in measurement of two-photon absorption cross-sections and optical nonlinear parameters  under femtosecond pumping 
    Optics Communications 
    277 ,433-439 (2007) 

  16. K. C. Jena, Prem B. Bisht, M. M. Shaijumon and S. Ramaprabhu 
    Study of optical nonlinearity of functionalised multi-wall carbon nanotubes by using degenerate four wave mixing and Z-scan techniquesOptics Communicatios 273 ,153-158 (2007)

  17. R. Sailaja and Prem B. Bisht
    Tunable multiline distributed feedback dye laser based on the phenomenon of excitation energy transfer Organic Electronics,,75-183 (2007) 

  18. U. Tripathy and Prem B. Bisht
    Influence of pulsed and cw pumping on optical nonlinear parameters of laser dyes probed by closed-aperture Z-scan technique
    J. Opt. Soc. Am.: B 24 ,2147-2156 (2007).

  19. U. Tripathy and P. B. Bisht
    Effect of donor-acceptor interaction strength on excitation energy migration and diffusion at high donor concentrationsJournal of Chemical Physics 125,144502 -144509(2006).

  20. Umakanta Tripathy and Prem B. Bisht 
    Simultaneous estimation of optical nonlinear refractive and absorptive parameters by solvent induced changes in optical density Optics Communications 261, 353-358 (2006).

  21. P. Sandeep and Prem B. Bisht 
    Concentration sensing based on radiative rate enhancement from a single microcavity Chemical Physics Letters 415 , 15-19 (2005)

  22. P. Sandeep and Prem B. Bisht
    Effect of adsorbed concentration on the radiative rate enhancement of photo-excited molecules embedded in single microspheres J. Chem. Phys.123, 204713-204720, (2005). 

  23. Kailash Chandra Jena and Prem B Bisht 
    Excitation energy transfer in a weekly coupled system: System with time-resolved fluorescence microscopy and laser induced transient grating techniques Chemical Physics 314 ,(2005) 179-188.

  24. P. Sandeep and Prem B. Bisht 
    Cavity quantum electrodynamic effects and control of radiative rate of 9-amino acridine hydrochloride hydrate Chem. Phys. Letters371, 327-332 (2003).

  25. R. J. Rajesh and P. B. Bisht 
    Theoretical and experimental studies on photophysical parameters of DBPI by using transient grating techniqueChem. Phys. Letters357, 420-425 (2002).

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