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Associate Professor

Magnetism in Condensed Matter Physics, Electroceramics, Magnetic Materials
Low Temperature Characterization of Advanced Materials
Condensed Matter Physics
   Recent Publications :
  1. P.D. Battle,  S. Blundell,  P.N. Santhosh,  M.J. Rosseinsky,  and C. Steer 
    Electronic phase transitions and magnetoresistance in a new bilayer manganate, Ca2.5Sr0.5GaMn2O8
    J.Phys.Cond.Matter., 14 13569 (2002)

  2. P. Karen,  P.M.Woodward,  P.N. Santhosh,  T. Vogt,  P.W. Stephens and S. Pagola
    Verwey transition under oxygen loading in REBaFe2O5+w,(RE = Nd and Sm)
    J.Solid State Chem., 167 (2002) 

  3. P.N. Santhosh,  J. Goldberger,  P. M.Woodward,  T. Vogt,  W. Lee  and A. Epstein 
    Phase separation over an extended compositional range: Studies of the Ca1-xBixMnO3(x , 0.25) Phase diagram, 
    Phys.Rev. Cond.Matter., B62  14928 (2000) 

  4. P.V. Vanitha,  Anthony Arulraj,  P.N. Santhosh, and  C. N. R. Rao 
    Effect of cation size and disorder on the structure and properties of the rare earth cobaltates,Ln0.5A0.5CoO3 (Ln = Rare Earth, A = Sr, Ba) 
    Chem.Mater., 12  1666 (2000) 

  5. P.N. Santhosh,  Arulraj A,  Vanitha P. V.,  Singh R.S.,  Sooryanarayana K,   Rao C.N. R
    Charge ordering in electron-doped manganates
    J.Phys.:Cond.Matter., 11  L27 (1999) 

  6. Kale A.S,  Seal S,  Date S.K,  Santhosh P.N,  Barve R.N
    Synthesis and current-voltage characterization of tin dioxide varistors
    Journal of Vac. Sci. & Tech. A,  17(4) 1196-1200 (1999)

  7. Vanitha P.V.,  Santhosh P.N,  Singh R.S,   Rao C.N. R,   Attfield J.P
    Effect of the cation size disorder on charge ordering in rare-earth manganates
    Phys. Rev. Cond. Mater., B59 13539 (1999)

  8. Rao C.N.R,  Arulraj A,  Santhosh P.N,  Cheetham A.K
    Charge-ordering in manganates 
    Chem.Mater., 10  2714 (1998) 

  9. Anil,  Kumar P. S.; Nair,  Santhosh P. N.; Alias, Joy P.;  Date S. K. 
    Evolution of the cluster glass system La0.5Sr0.5CoO3
    J. Mater. Chem.  8 2245 (1998) 

  10. Arulraj A,  Santhosh P.N, Gopalan R.S,  Guha A,  Raychaudhuri A.K,  Kumar N,  Rao C. N. R.
    Charge ordering in the rare-earth manganates: the origin of the extraordinary sensitivity to the average radius of the A-site cations, < rA>.,
    J. Phys.:Condensed Matter., 10  8497 (1998)

  11. Rao C. N. R,  Santhosh P.N,  Singh R.S,  Arulraj A
    Effect of internal pressure on charge-ordered rare earth manganates
    J.Solid State Chem.,135 169 (1998)

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