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Assistant Professor

Materials for energy and environment, Photo-catalytic reduction of carbon dioxide.
Materials Science
   Recent Publications :
  1. Craig A. Grimes, Somnath C. Roy, Sanju Rani, and Q. Y. Cai
    “Theory, instrumentation and applications of magnetoelastic resonance sensors: A reveiw”
    Sensors 11 (2011) 2809-2844.

  2. Sanju Rani, Somnath C. Roy, Maggie Paulose, Oomman K. Varghese, Gopal K. Mor, Sanghoon Kim, Sorachon Yoriya, Thomas J. LaTempa, C. A. Grimes;
    Synthesis and applications of electrochemically self-assembled titania nanotube arrays,
    Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 12, p 2780, (2010).

  3. Somnath C. Roy, Oomman K. Varghese, Maggie Paulose, and Craig A. Grimes;
    Toward solar fuels: Photocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide to hydrocarbons,
    ACS Nano, 4, p 1259 (2010).

  4. Sanju Rani, M. C. Bhatnagar, Somnath C. Roy, N. K. Puri, D. Kanjilal;
    p-Type gas sensing behaviour of undoped SnO2 thin films irradiated with a high energy ion beam;
    Sensors and Actuators B, 135, p 35 (2008).

  5. Somnath C. Roy, J. R. Werner, D. Kouzoudis, C. A. Grimes;
    Use of magnetoelastic sensors for quantifying platelet aggregation I: Whole blood and platelet rich plasma;
    Sensor Letters, 6, p 280 (2008).

  6. Sanju Rani, N. K. Puri, Somnath C. Roy, M. C. Bhatnagar, D. Kanjilal;
    Effect of swift heavy ion irradiation on structure, optical, and gas sensing properties of SnO 2 thin films;
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research (NIM)B, 266, p 1987 (2008).

  7. X. Feng, Somnath C. Roy, C. A. Grimes;
    Eliminating unwanted nanobubbles from hydrophobic solid/liquid interfaces: A case study using magnetoelastic sensors;
    Langmuir, 24, p 3918 (2008).

  8. Somnath C. Roy, Maggie Paulose, Craig A Grimes;
    The effect of TiO2 nanotubes in the enhancement of blood clotting for the control of hemorrhage;
    Biomaterials, 28, p 4667, (2007).

  9. Somnath C Roy, G. L. Sharma, M. C. Bhatnagar;
    Large blue shift in the optical band-gap of sol-gel derived BST thin films;
    Solid State Communications 141, p 243 (2007).

  10. Sanju Rani, Somnath C. Roy, M. C. Bhatnagar;
    Effect of Fe doping on the gas sensing properties of nano-crystalline SnO2 thin films;
    Sensors and Actuators B 122, p 204 (2007) .

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