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Experimental condensed Matter Physics, Low temperature Electronic properties
   Recent Publications :
  1. Improved magnetoimpedance and mechanical properties on nanocrystallization of amorphous Fe68.5Si18.5Cu1Nb3B9 ribbons,
    T.Sahoo, B.Majumdar, V.Srinivas, M.Srinivas, T.K.Nath, G.Agarwal,
    J. Magn. Mag. Mater
    343 (2013)13.

  2. Role of particle size on the magnetoresistance of nano-crystalline graphite,
    G. Mandal, V. Srinivas and V.V. Rao,
    CARBON 57 (2013) 139.

  3. Enhanced non-metallic behaviour on the verge of magnetic instability in Fe2V1-xNbxAl Heusler alloys,
    Ritwik Saha, V. Srinivas, T. V. Chandrasekhar Rao and Alok Banerjee, ,
    J. Magn. Mag. Mater 324

  4. Observation of magnetic cluster phase above Curie temperature in Fe2CrAl Heusler alloy,
    Ritwik Saha, V. Srinivas and A. Venimadhav,
    J. Magn. Mag. Mater 324

  5. Enhanced magnetoimpedance and field sensitivity in microstructure controlled FeSiCuNbB ribbons,
    T. Sahoo, A.C. Mishra, V. Srinivas, T.K. Nath, M. Srinivas and B. Majumdar,
    J. Appl. Phys. 110
    , (2011) 083918.

  6. Large enhancement of giant magnetoimpedance property in electrodeposited NiFe/Cu wire with copper additive in plating bath,
    A. C. Mishra, T. Sahoo, V. Srinivas, A. K. Thakur, B. Samatharay and S. Ravi
    Solid. State Commun
    .151 (2011) 1787.

  7. Role of polymer matrix in large enhancement of dielectric constant in polymer-metal composites
    M. Panda, V. Srinivas and A. K. Thakur,
    Appl. Phys. Lett. 99 (2011) 042905.

  8. Microstructure, magnetic, and magnetoimpedance properties of electrodeposited NiFe/Cu and CoNiFe/Cu wire: A study on influence of saccharin additive in plating bath,
    Amaresh Chandra Mishra, Trilochan Sahoo, V. Srinivas and Awalendra K. Thakur,
    J. Appl. Phys. 109 (2011) 073901.

  9. Investigation of magnetoimpedance effect on electrodeposited NiFe/Cu wire using inductance spectroscopy,
    Amaresh Chandra Mishra, Trilochan Sahoo, V. Srinivas, Awalendra K. Thakur,  
    Physica B 406 (2011) 645.

  10. Particle size dependence on magnetic and electrical properties of [Ni0.8Fe0.2]10C granular composites,
    G. P. Mondal, V. Srinivas and V.V. Rao,
    J. Nano Sci. & NanoTech.
    11(2011) 2570.

  11. Effect of polymer coating on magnetic properties in oxygen stabilized Nickel nanoparticles,
    V. Singh, V. Srinivas, M. Ranot, S. Angappane, and Je-Geun Park,
    Phys. Rev. B 82 (2010) 054417.

  12. Evolution of microstructure and magnetic properties of nanocrystalline Fe70-xCuxCo30 alloy prepared by mechanical alloying,
    B. Bhoi, V. Srinivas and Vidyadhar Singh,
    J. Alloys & Compounds
    496 (2010) 23.

  13. Enhanced dielectric behavior in novel ferroelectric polymer/nanoquasicrystalline composites for multifunctional applications,
    Ch. Venkatesh, V. Srinivas, M. Panda and V.V. Rao,
    Solid. State Commun. 150 (2010) 893.

  14. Thermal Effects on the Percolation behavior of Polyvinylidene fluoride/Nickel Composites,
    Maheswar Panda, V.Srinivas and A.K.Thakur,
    J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 117 (2010) 3023.

  15. Structural and magnetic properties of polymer stabilized tetragonal Ni nanoparticles,
    Vidyadhar Singh, V. Srinivas and S. Ram,
    Philosophical Magazine
    90(2010) 1401.

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