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Quantum error correction in the Black hole interior

  • 2021-09-30
  • Onkar Parrikar, TIFR

This talk is a part of the activities of the Center for Quantum Information Theory of Matter and Spacetime of IIT Madras

We study the quantum error correction properties of the black hole interior in a toy model for an evaporating black hole in JT gravity entangled with a non-gravitational bath. It has recently been shown that past the Page time, the black hole interior lies in the entanglement wedge of the bath, and thus the bulk degrees of freedom in the interior are encoded in the bath Hilbert space. We discuss the error correction properties of this encoding against quantum operations on the bath and show that the encoding is robust against a large class of such quantum operations which (i) do not have access to microstate details, and (ii) have coherent information bounded from below by minus the black hole entropy. This implies that the encoding of the black hole interior in the radiation is robust against generic, low-rank quantum operations on the bath, providing a gravitational perspective on the recent results of Kim, Preskill and Tang.