Incident Reporting

Form for Reporting Laboratory Incidents

This form will be used by the Physics Department Safety Committee of IIT Madras. The purpose is to advise in follow-up activities related to the specific incident but more generally to understand the risks and create awareness in the Department about safety measures and protocols in order to reduce the occurrence of incidents. An incident constitutes fire/smoke, electrical short circuit, chemical spill, toxic vapor or gas leak, lab injury or illness, damage to equipment, etc. A "near miss" with the potential to cause damage can also be reported.

The form has two parts: the first part is short and mandatory and should be submitted at the earliest. The second part is detailed and optional. You can fill out the second part after receiving an intimation from the safety committee to fill in the additional information.

Any student, staff, or faculty member of the Department who has become aware of the incident can fill out this form using prior smail login. No permission is required to fill out the form.

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