Programs: Engineering Physics

Program Overview

Open to students who have completed their higher secondary school. This program is offered in collaboration with Electrical Engineering department . The aim of this course is to strengthen the scientific basis of engineering, especially electrical engineering. There is a variety of core-courses that emphasize the fundamentals while keeping in mind the evolving nature of subjects. A strong laboratory component allows you explore a range of experiments from classic ones to those that are more recent and advanced. A platter of advanced elective courses, from both physics and electrical engineering, is available for students in their third and fourth year. The final semester project could be taken at Physics department or at Electrical Engineering.

Selection Process


Structure of the Program

The program consists of 8 semesters . The first two semesters consists of common courses with all the first year B.Tech students. During the second year ( third and fourth semesters) in addition to the common courses you will also take a few specialized physics courses. The third and the fourth year is dedicated to courses in Physics. The final year is dedicated to a research project.