IIT Madras offers post-doctoral opportunities to PhD graduates who wish to have a career in teaching and research. The opportunities are available in almost all academic departments of IIT Madras. The institute also offers post-doctoral fellowships to women PhD scholars with a break in career, as an endeavour to reconnect them with research.

The following are links to the application forms, required certificates and guidelines for post-doctoral opportunities.

Institute Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Guidelines for Institute Post Doctoral Fellowship at IIT Madras : Click Here

Application Form for Institute Post Doctoral Fellowship at IITMadras :  Click Here

The applications should be sent through email to drresearch@iitm.ac.in

Post-Doctoral Fellowship for Women with Break in Career

Guidelines : Click Here

Application Form : Click Here

General Instructions:

The department will scrutinize the application of a candidate and if found suitable, the department will constitute a Departmental Evaluation Committee (DEC) and conduct a seminar-based evaluation of the candidate (DEC) at the department level (can be in-person or on skype / video conferencing).     
After the seminar, if the DEC recommends, your application will be forwarded for a formal interview at the Deans office. The decision of DEC will be conveyed to you in a short span of time.

This evaluation will be with respect to:
1. The strength and the novelty of the proposal. The proposal should not be a mere extension of the applicants Ph.D. work.    
2. The expertise brought in by the applicant to the department’s / mentor’s   research area(s).
3. Value addition to the department / applicant.      

We envisage a time-line of around one month (from date of receipt of your application from the Deans office), to complete the DEC. 

In case of any issues, you could contact the Chair of the Department IPDF committee: Prof. Rajesh Narayanan (email:rnarayanan@iitm.ac.in). 


National Postdoctoral fellowship

We encourage candidates to apply for the "National Post Doctoral Fellowship (N-PDF)" program to work in various research groups of the department carrying out cutting-edge research. Interested candidates may contact the faculty members directly.

For more information, please check the link: https://serbonline.in/SERB/npdf

Faculty Recruitment

The Physics department of IIT Madras is looking for exceptional candidates at the Assistant Professor level in various areas of physics.

Please visit this space for recruitment notices for specific areas of research, which will be posted here from time to time. You are also advised to check the faculty recruitment portal of IIT Madras (https://facapp.iitm.ac.in/). Application forms for all the faculty positions are filled online against the advertisement.

If you are interested in visiting our department, kindly contact the faculty member of the department working in the area close to your research interest.