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Correspondence between momentum-dependent relaxation time and field redefinitions in relativistic hydrodynamics

  • 2021-09-27
  • Sukanya Mitra (TIFR)

A correspondence has been established between the out of equilibrium system dissipation and the thermodynamic field redefinition of the macroscopic variables through the momentum dependent relaxation time approximation (MDRTA) solution of relativistic transport equation. Here, it has been shown that the out of equilibrium thermodynamic fields are not uniquely defined and are subjected to include dissipative effects from the medium. A second order relativistic hydrodynamic theory has been developed including such dissipative effects. The necessary conditions for developing a hydrodynamic theory has been fulfilled, (i) the thermodynamic identities incorporating such redefined fields have been shown to conserve the energy-momentum tensor perfectly under MDRTA, (ii) the non-negativity of entropy production remains unaffected by the inclusion of such dissipative contributions in hydro fields as long as the independent transport coefficients remain positive. Finally, a scheme has been proposed to develop the entire formalism with general matching conditions without imposing any specific hydrodynamic frame choice.