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The Dark and the Invisibles: Quest for New Physics

  • 2021-12-21
  • Dr Soumya Sadhukhan, RKM Residential College (Autonomous) & Vivekananda Center for Research

After an initial summary of LHC physics impacts of minimal BSM theories, I shall delve into dark matter and neutrino physics. Traditional WIMP freeze out case is discussed, with specific attention to inert Higgs doublet model (IDM) dark matter. Different DM possibilities are discussed, including Higgs portal and vector-like fermion portal annihilation scenarios. BSM effects on astrophysical neutrinos are discussed in the context of the IceCube experiment, addressing some inconsistencies there through neutrino splitting, neutrino absorption etc. Different non-conventional neutrino mass generation methods are also proposed. Then, the future directions in dark matter physics are pointed out, along with exploring the case for extra neutrinos. Finally, I argue why probing non-conventional dark matter scenarios is the way ahead.