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Quantum Transport on Topologically Protected Flat Bands of ABC-stacked Multilayer Graphene

  • 2019-12-02
  • Servet Ozdemir, University of Manchester.

ABC stacked multilayer graphene by tight binding calculations has been shown to be an Nlayer generalisation of graphene1–4 , possessing a Berry phase of N_pi and topologically protected flat bands with a dispersion relation of pN. Despite its possession of flat bands which are susceptible to various many-body interactions including ferromagnetism and superconductivity, due to the Bernal stacked graphite being the more stable phase, electronic transport of rhombohedral graphite has been limited to only a few graphene layers5,6. In this talk I will report electronic transport measurements of ABC stacked systems up to and exceeding 20 layers. I will be reporting a spontaneous metal insulator transition happening at the flat bands. Through Landau fan spectroscopy I will be highlighting similarities and the differences to the existing theoretical work.