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Investigation of defect centers by studying the electrical transport and optical properties in doped diamond

  • 2017-09-06
  • Dhruba Das

Nitrogen–vacancy (NV) defects are rapidly becoming a front-runner for use as the basic unit of quantum information, the ‘qubit’ in a solid-state quantum computer. Nitrogen is a potential n-type dopant in diamond having a wide band-gap (Eg ~ 5.45 eV) where nitrogen substituting for carbon undergoes a distortion which generates a deep donor level at 1.7 eV below the conduction band. Nitrogen–vacancy (NV) defects give diamond a pink hue, and arise when a nitrogen atom replaces a carbon atom at a position in the diamond lattice next to a vacant site. In this talk, I will be proposing my work on n-type doping in diamond.