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Imbalanced Fermi Superfluids

  • 2017-05-23
  • Dr. Madhuparna Karmakar

Imbalanced Fermi Superfluids The experimental realization of ultracold atomic gases in the past decades have proved to be a milestone in the research of quantum many body physics. It serves as a quantum simulator for phenomena which are not readily accessible in the solid state materials. Among the various possibilities that can be explored, imbalanced Fermi superfluids serve as a playground for exotic superfluid phases and promises a rich phase diagram. Imbalance in Fermi superfluids can be realized through mismatch in fermion (a)population and (b)mass. While the former can be experimentally realized by loading different populations of the fermion species in the optical lattice, the later, also known as the Fermi-Fermi mixtures require the pairing between two different fermion species, for realizing superfluidity. In my talk I would speak about a theoretical approach to understand the physics of imbalanced Fermi superfluids. I would discuss about the thermodynamic and fermionic behavior of the unconventional superfluid phases that arises out of the imbalance between the fermion species. A glimpse of the expected experimental observations would also be presented in this talk.