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Measurement of the CKM angle γ from a combination of LHCb results - Experimental High Energy Physics

  • 2017-09-14
  • Resmi P.K

A combination of measurements sensitive to the CKM angle γ from the LHCb Collaboration is presented. The inputs are from analyses of time-integrated B+ → DK+ , B0 → DK∗0 , B0 → DK+ π− and B+ → DK + π + π − tree-level decays. In addition, results from a time-dependent analysis of Bs0 → Ds ∓ K ± decays are included. The combination yields γ = (72.2 +6.8 −7.3 ) , where the uncertainty includes systematic effects. The 95.5% confidence level interval is determined to be γ ∈ [55.9, 85.2] . An updated measurement and its combination with the old result using a frequentist approach is also presented. This results in the most precise measurement of γ to date.