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Optical tomograms and entanglement dynamics - Quantum Physics and Information

  • 2017-09-21
  • Sharmila Balamurugan

Studying nonclassical effects such as revivals, squeezing and entanglement involves state reconstruction from experimentally obtained tomograms at several instants of time which is both cumbersome and error-prone. In my talk, I will discuss ways to read off this information directly from the tomograms and ascertain the efficacy of this program with various known atom-field interaction and double-well Bose-Einstein condensate(BEC) systems. Detecting full and fractional revivals and deducing the exact extents of squeezing and higher-order squeezing (Hong-Mandel and Hillery type) directly from tomograms of a generic single-mode radiation field in a nonlinear medium and a bipartite BEC system will be examined. Indicators of bipatite entanglement will be proposed and their potential as good indicators of entanglement will be investigated. Indicators are not measures of entanglement but it will be shown that they capture gross features of entanglement quite well.