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A new connection between supersymmetric gauge theory and supergravity

  • 2017-01-18
  • Naveen S. Prabhakar, Dept. Physics, Stony Brook University.

Bound states of D0-D6 branes are supersymmetric only in a constant NSNS B-field background which is sufficiently strong. The quantum mechanical index of such bound states can be exactly calculated by utilising the SO(6) rotational symmetry on the D6-brane. We shall see that the expression for the index in fact allows for an SO(10) symmetry. Based on this and other observations, Nekrasov conjectured that the above index can be recovered from M theory on a certain background. We report on the status of this conjecture in this talk. If true, this would give further evidence for the duality between Type IIA string theory and M theory.