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Proposal to probe many-body quantum chaos with quantum simulators

  • 2021-11-25
  • Lata Joshi, Institute for quantum optics and quantum information (IQOQI), Innsbruck

This seminar is a part of the activities of Center for Quantum Information Theory of Spacetime and Matter of IIT Madras

The spectral form factor (SFF), characterizing statistics of energy eigenvalues, is a key diagnostic of many-body quantum chaos. In addition, partial spectral form factors (pSFFs) can be defined which refer to subsystems of the many-body system. They provide unique insights into energy eigenstate statistics of many-body systems. In this talk I will discuss these on the basis of random matrix theory and of the eigenstate thermalization hypothesis. We have proposed a protocol which allows the measurement of SFF and pSFFs in quantum many-body spin models, within the framework of randomized measurements. I will be presenting our measurement scheme which provides a unified testbed to probe many-body quantum chaotic behavior, thermalization and many-body localization in closed quantum systems.