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Quantum information scrambling in out-of-equilibrium quantum systems.

  • 2021-10-12
  • Dr. Surbhi Khetrapal, IMSc

Complex quantum systems studied in theoretical physics suffer from dispersal of quantum information, called scrambling. This makes quantum information difficult to access when using conventional physics methods to study their time-dependence. Examples of such systems are out-of-equilibrium quantum many-body systems.

The AdS/CFT correspondence (also called holography) is an exciting field of study inspired from string theory, which relates a gravitational theory in the bulk to a vacuum field theory on its boundary. Likewise, the bulk theory with blackholes is dual to a thermal field theory. In recent years there has been a surge in interest in understanding quantum chaos in black-holes and holographic theories, which are inherently chaotic. This has lead to development of novel tools to understand time evolution of quantum information and its scrambling in these systems, for example pole-skipping of the retarded Green function and generalised entanglement entropy. In this project, I propose to gain new insights into quantum information scrambling in out-of-equilibrium (holographic) two-dimensional quantum field theories by applying these tools.