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Study of DC and Hall resistivity for a new semi-holographic non-Fermi liquid model

  • 2021-08-26
  • Dr Sutapa Samata (IACS Kolkata)

This talk is a part of the activities of the Center for Quantum Information Theory of Matter and Spacetime of IIT Madras

In this talk, I shall introduce a new model for semi-holographic non-Fermi liquid. In this model, a two-dimensional band of electrons hybridizes with the fermions of a critical holographic sector and a lattice of electrons with Landau quasiparticle structure. We study the transport phenomena like DC resistivity, hall angle, etc. We show that they mimic the strange metal-like behavior for a wide range of temperatures by fine-tuning just one effective dimensionless coupling constant. Furthermore, we find evidence that Planckian dissipation also arises from our effective field theory approach.