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Studies on sol-gel derived mixed metal oxides of titania-silica for protective coatings and titania-tungsten oxide for electrochromic applications

  • 2019-06-21

Mixed metal oxide (MMO) films are well known for enhanced physical properties and applications in comparison with metal oxide films. TiO2, SiO2 and WO3 are chosen in the present work, as they are known for mechanical, optical and electrochromic properties respectively. Sol-gel method assisted with dip-coating technique is employed to prepare mixed metal oxide films of i) TiO2-SiO2 to study the optical and mechanical properties and to observe if they would act as protective barrier coatings and ii) Multilayers of TiO2 and WO3 to study electrochromic studies. The studies show an enhancement in as-deposited MMO films when compared with the MO films. The main observations supporting multiple applications would be presented in detail.