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Carbon hybrid nanocomposites for energy storage, energy conservation and environmental applications

  • 2019-05-06
  • Ms. Mangisetty Sandhya Rani

In response to the growing global energy needs, the dependence on fossil fuels can lead to harsh effects on the environment. Thus, it is essential to understand continually growing energy demand by emerging the energy conservation, storage, gas storage and water purification technologies which utilize clean and renewable energy resources. In this concern, the progress of new energy storage devices are detected as one of the most important topics in clean energy applications. In this work, various carbon hybrid composite materials have been synthesized and used for Supercapacitors, Nano lubrication, CO2 capture and water purification applications. In order to control the amount of CO2 and CH4 emission into the environment, and thus its influence on global warming, solid adsorbents can be utilized to obtain a low-cost and low-carbon free future. Water purification technology using supercapacitive deionization is an effective method for removing organic, metallic and ionic impurities from water as it has the advantage of less energy consumption and low water loss. Carbon materials with high porosity and surface area act as a supportive material for metal oxides which can adsorb metal impurities. Various hybrid carbon nanocomposites were synthesized and investigated as electrode materials for electrochemical capacitors as they possess high specific capacitance because of their large surface area, high conductivity and unique morphologies. So these electrode materials can be applied for water purification