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Sachdev-⁠Ye-⁠Kitaev (SYK) like model and Chord Diagrams

  • 2018-11-08
  • Dr Prithvi Narayan, IIT Palakkad

SYK model describes N fermions with disordered interactions. At low energies, and large N, the model is solvable and turns out to have properties similar to black holes in gravity. This has led to much interest from the perspective of AdS/CFT correspondence. In this talk I will focus on a SYK like model with spins and argue that in certain limits, one can rewrite the theory using an auxiliary Hilbert space with a Hamiltonian (containing no disorder) built on the space of open/cut chord diagrams. I will argue that this description can play the role of the “bulk” side of AdS/CFT and also suggests natural observables in the model.