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Composites Based Solid State Symmetric Hybrid Supercapacitor as an Electrochemical Energy Storage Device

  • 2018-09-11
  • Mamta

Electrochemical energy storage devices play a vital role to overcome fossil fuel exhaustion and meet the demands of energy-dependent world. Among other electrochemical energy storage devices, supercapacitors (SCs) have attracted a significant attention both in industry and academia due to their high-power density (> 10 kW kg-1), fast charge/discharge kinetics (in units of seconds) and long service life (> 105 cycles). Supercapacitor systems are similar to batteries with one negative electrode, one positive electrode and a separator soaked with electrolyte. For practical applications of SCs in portable electronics, power back up systems, hybrid electric vehicles, large industrial equipments, load levelling and other power supply systems, solid state full cell fabrication is important. In this talk, some preliminary work which I have carried out with future plans will be discussed.​