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Synthesis of efficient carbon based electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction reaction for fuel cell applications

  • 2018-09-07

The growing energy demand becoming the critical issues faced by the society and massive combustion due to fossil fuels leading to energy crisis and environmental pollutions has engendered the necessity of clean and renewable technologies. Fuel cell has drawn more attention as clean energy source due to its large scale applications with high efficiency and zero emission. In fuel cells oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in cathode side is far more sluggish than the anode reaction as well as due to the formation of peroxide intermediates. Platinum is the best catalyst for ORR, but due to its high cost research has been going on cost effective non precious metal catalysts, metal free catalysts as well low-Pt based catalysts. In this proposed work Nickel based CNT-TiO2 catalyst has been designed for ORR in fuel cells. Some preliminary data with future plans will be presented.