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Study of material parameter dependent thermal properties of graphene

  • 2018-08-28

Graphene is renowned for several intriguing physical properties, In particular it possesses extremely high thermal conductivity 5300 W/mK in suspended geometry, greater than the best bulk heat conductor, diamond ( 2000 W/mK). The unusually high thermal conductivity stems from its 2D nature where ZA phonon modes play an important role. However estimation of thermal conductivity of graphene is a nontrivial task, due to its atomic scale thickness 0. Recently developed unconventional method to measure the thermal conductivity of graphene using Raman spectroscopy has paved the way to new avenues in this direction. In this proposed work, it is envisaged to study the role of material parameters such as strain, defects and rotation angle on the thermal conductivity of graphene. Furthermore, these parameters also influence the thermal expansion coefficient of graphene. In practical studies the thermal conductivity of supported graphene is influenced by the strain arising due to thermal expansion coefficient mismatch with the substrate. Thus a comprehensive study of both thermal conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient is useful. Some preliminary data along with future plans will be presented.​