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Time dependence of causal correlations in holographic systems

  • 2018-05-07
  • Dr Lata Joshi, Postdoc, TIFR

I will present our first exact calculations of the time dependence of causal correlations in driven non-equilibrium states in (2 + 1) -dimensional systems using holography. We further divide this time-dependence into universal and non-universal regions. Using numerics, I will compare these exact results with those obtained from simple prototype geometries which are parametrized only by a time dependent temperature. In doing so, we find very interesting results, namely, (1): the universal slowly varying features are controlled just by the pump duration and the initial and final temperatures only and (2): the locations of the event and apparent horizons in the dual geometries can be deduced from the non-equilibrium causal correlations without any prior knowledge of the dual gravity theory. I will discuss both these points in detail in the talk.