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Measuring neutrino oscillation parameters by Long-Baseline Neutrino Experiments at FermiLab and its future

  • 2017-11-10
  • Tapasi Ghosh

Neutrino is an elusive and one of the most abundant particle in nature. Many neutrino physics experiments around the globe are trying to explore its properties. I am actively involved with two such experiments NOvA and LArIAT based at Fermilab, USA. NOvA is a neutrino oscillation experiment envisioned for precise measurements of neutrino oscillation parameters and LArIAT is a testbeam facility to execute a comprehensive program to characterize liquid argon TPC performance and charged particle interactions on argon nuclei in the energy ranges relevant for neutrino experiments.Both the experiments are operating since last few years and have published their results recently.I have contributed on their data taking, data processing, physics analysis and also on the detectors.In this seminar, I will briefly explain these two experiments and their physics goals. I will talk about my contributions and also the future plans in coming years for these two experiments.