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Development of metamaterial based tunable and flexible EMI shielding structures using magnetic nanoparticles/mesoporous carbon embedded polybenzoxazine polymer composite.

  • 2017-05-23
  • Dr R Kumaran

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) is an undesirable radiation pollution or disturbance that can affect the functioning of electronic circuits. To overcome these issues, shielding the electronic medium is very essential to maintain their lifetime and functionality. Shielding can be achieved by two distinct mechanisms, namely, reflection (including multiple reflections) and absorption. While reflection is attributed to mobile charge carriers such as electrons or holes., absorption is attributed to the dielectric or magnetic polarization. Hence the development of novel materials, which can reflect or absorb the hazardous electromagnetic radiation, is essential to have electromagnetic shielding. New polymer composites, polybenzoxazines with magnetic particles and mesoporous carbon/ silica, will be prepared through conventional and electrospinning methodology. Metamaterial based structures on these mats will be characterized for the electromagnetic interference shielding. These mats are also expected to have tunability with external magnetic field. The developed material and structures will be patented on successful completion of the work.