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Nonclassical effects in the dynamics of quantum systems

  • 2022-09-21
  • Prof. S. Lakshmi Bala, Indian Institute of Technology Madras

The quantum-classical divide and the limitations of using classical tools to study quantum systems, have received attention for several decades. In this talk two specific aspects of this broad theme will be examined, using the framework of quantum optics. The first aspect concerns the identification of certain nonclassical properties of quantum states directly from qualitative features of appropriate tomograms that are readily available from experiments, and also quantifying these properties. Since this program circumvents typically cumbersome state reconstruction procedures in systems with large Hilbert spaces, it could prove advantageous in practice, particularly in the context of continuous variable systems. Since tomograms are probability distributions in contrast to the reconstructed Wigner functions, they could provide useful pointers to assess nonclassicality. The second aspect pertains to investigations on the temporal behaviour of quantum observables using classical tools such as time series analysis. This reveals unexpected departures from predictions based on the time evolution of classical dynamical variables.

Prof. Lakshmi Bala got her Ph.D from the Madras University in High Energy Physics. She has been a faculty member with the Department of Physics, IIT Madras since 1991. Her research interests include classical dynamical systems and chaos, quantum optics, quantum dynamics and quantum information in continuous variable and hybrid quantum systems.