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The Physics Professor’s Suitcase of Travelling Science Wonders : A Physics Demo for Students

  • 2021-12-17
  • Prof. Chorng-Haur Sow, Department of Physics, National University of Singapore.

Prof. Sow Chorng Haur is currently the Vice Dean (Outreach & Admissions) at the Faculty of Science, and Head of the Department of Physics at NUS. He received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Chicago and has post-doctoral research experience at the Bell laboratories, Lucent Technologies. His research interest spans across a wide variety of nanomaterials including metal oxides, carbon nanotubes, 2D and hybrid functional materials and their electrical, optical and mechanical properties. He has contributed more than 350 papers in the field of nanoscience and technology. Prof. Sow is a passionate educator and has received many teaching awards, including the NUS Outstanding Educator Award. He is SNAS fellow (Singapore National Academy of Science) and has been awarded the Institute of Physics Singapore President medal recently. https://www.physics.nus.edu.sg/faculty/sow-chorng-haur/