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Towards a superconductivity from Coulomb interaction in semi-holographic non-Fermi liquid

  • 2019-03-12
  • Sutapa Samanta

Some phenomena like high temperature superconductivity of metals cannot be explained using Landau's Fermi liquid theory. In recent years, several models have been proposed to explain the non-Fermi liquid like behaviours of metals and the semi-holographic approach emerges as one of the promising candidate among them. It has been observed that these semi-holographic models have plasmonic poles in the continuum which is one of the necessary conditions to have a non-BCS superconductivity as proposed by Leggett. The dressed Coulomb potential in this model also shows attractive behaviour at high frequency. This might lead to pair formation without any phonon interaction. In this talk I shall discuss some of these features of the semi-holographic non-Fermi liquids. I shall also briefly discuss how we approach to check for superconducting phase transition by generalizing the Eliashberg formulation.