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Quantum Sensing and Simulation with present day Quantum Devices

  • 2023-04-17
  • Dr. Athreya Shankar

We are currently in an era where current and near-term quantum devices hold great potential for quantum sensing and quantum simulation. In this talk, I will discuss two examples which demonstrate how this potential can be harnessed. In the first part of my talk, I will discuss an application to multi-parameter metrology in the context of vector field sensing . Here, we construct optimal sensors, as well as practically realizable sensors, that utilize entanglement to simultaneously sense all the components of a 2D or 3D vector field with the best possible precision allowed by quantum mechanics. We demonstrate the feasibility of such sensors on current devices by simulating a practical sensor implementation on a trapped ion system with a limited set of natively available operations. In the second part, I will discuss a quantum simulation application using 2D ion crystals in Penning traps. Here, we show how such systems can be used to probe the dynamical phases of topological p-wave superconductors. By mapping the fermionic model onto an interacting spin model, we show how such dynamical phases can be simulated, and their topology inferred, by using lasers to manipulate the ions’ electronic (`spin') and motional degrees of freedom. Finally, I will conclude with a brief overview of my work on open quantum systems, where I will illustrate h ow dissipation can be an ally in the generation and stabilization of highly entangled states.

CV Raman Post-doctoral Fellow, IISc, Bangalore