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Structural, magnetic and electrical properties of Certain ordered double perovskites

  • 2023-08-18

Double perovskites (DPs) are derived from simple perovskite oxide ABO3 by substituting two cations (e.g. alkaline, alkali or rare-earth metal) at A-site, and/or two cat ions (e.g. transitional metal ions) at B-site. Double perovskites have a general formula A2BB’O6 or AA’BB’O6. Double perovskites show various interesting properties such as ferromagnetism, antiferromagnetic, half metallicity and some unusual magnetic state such as spin glass. The most important feature in the double perovskites is the degree of chemical ordering. Cation ordering is crucial for interplay of charge, spin and lattice degree of freedom, which results in specific electrical and magnetic properties which cannot be realised in cation disordered material.
Bulk LaSrMnRuO6 double perovskite lack long range ordering of Mn/Ru at B-site [1]. However, ordered double perovskites considered to be better for improving magnetic and transport properties. It has been reported in literatures that deposition of thin films of B-site disordered DPs make them ordered [2]. In this talk, along with the extensive literature survey, I will be discussing on how to achieve the B-site ordering in LaSrMnRuO6 double perovskites by making its thin films and their effect on physical properties.

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PhD Scholar, Department of Physics, IIT Madras

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