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Floating Frogs and Levitating Lattoos

  • 2019-04-24
  • Prof. Surendra Singh, University of Arkansas

History and principles of levitation of physical objects using static electromagnetic fields will be described. The role of Earnshaw’s theorem in the development of the field will be discussed and the principles involved will be demonstrated using a working device and a toy that appears to defy Earnshaw’s theorem!

Surendra Singh got a MSc degree in nuclear physics from Bananas Hindu University and a PhD degree in quantum optics from the University of Rochester, USA. He is University Distinguished Professor of Physics at the University of Arkansas and, currently, a Visiting Professor at IIT-Madras. He has made sustained experimental and theoretical contributions to advancing the knowledge and understanding of quantum noise in lasers and classical, quantum, and nonlinear optical systems and phase and polarization structure of classical and nonclassical laser beams over the last three decades. He has also co-authored a graduate-level textbook on quantum mechanics. He is a fellow of the American Physical Society and a Visiting Fellow of JILA at the University of Colorado