Faculty Details


Athreya Shankar

Assistant Professor

HSB 224B

University of Colorado Boulder

Areas of Interest

  • Quantum Optics
  • Quantum sensing and metrology
  • Quantum hardware: Trapped ions, cavity QED, circuit QED, etc.
  • Open quantum systems

Current Research

I am a theoretical physicist working at the interface of quantum optics and quantum technologies. My current interests include the development of quantum-enhanced sensors and sensing protocols, identifying novel opportunities for quantum simulation in current or near-term hardware, and understanding collective effects in quantum many-body systems, especially in open quantum systems. I place particular emphasis on the experimental relevance of my research projects.


Current PhD Students

Recent Publications

  • Bilayer Crystals of Trapped Ions for Quantum Information Processing. Samarth Hawaldar, Prakriti Shahi, Allison L. Carter, Ana Maria Rey, John J. Bollinger and Athreya Shankar.
    DOI: to appear in Physical Review X (2024). 2312.10681 2024.