Faculty Details


Aravind, G


HSB 232

TIFR Mumbai

Areas of Interest

  • Intermolecular Coulombic Decay
  • Experimental studies on reactions involving trapped ions to study the constituents and dynamics of the Inter-Stellar Medium (ISM)
  • Study the structure and properties of interstellar medium anions

Current Research


Current PhD Students

  • PH18D004    SAURAV DUTTA

Recent Publications

  • Molecular growth of PANH via intermolecular Coulombic decay. SAROJ BARIK, NIHAR RANJAN BEHERA, SAURAV DUTTA, RAJESH KUMAR KUSHAWAHA, Y. SAJEEV, RAGHUNATH O. RAMABHADRAN , AND G. ARAVIND. Science Advances. 9. 1.
    DOI: . 2023.
  • Ambient-light-induced intermolecular Coulombic decay in unbound pyridine monomers. Saroj Barik, Saurav Dutta, Nihar Ranjan Behera, Rajesh Kumar Kushawaha, Y. Sajeev & G. Aravind. Nature Chemistry. 14. 1098–1102.
    DOI: . 2022.
  • A Primer on Path Integrals, Aharonov–Bohm Effect and the Geometric Phase. P. C. Deshmukh, Subham Ghosh, Uday Kumar, C. Hareesh, G. Aravind. The Physics Educator. 4. 2022.
  • Multiphoton ionization and dissociation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon molecules of astrophysical interest. Roby Chacko, Saroj Barik, Shreyak Banhatti, and G. Aravind. Physical Review A. (Accepted). 2022.
  • Time delay in negative ion photodetachment. Sourav Banerjee, Ganesan Aarthi, Soumyajit Saha, Aravind Gopalan and Pranawa C Deshmukh. Physica Scripta. 2021.
  • Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons as a source for CH$_n^+$ (n = 4-6) and C3H2 in the ISM. Roby Chacko, Shreyak Banhatti, Saroj Barik, G. Aravind. Astrophysical Journal. 896 . 130 . 2020.
  • Formation of smaller anions from C$_n$N$^-$(n = 1-3, 5-7) in the circumstellar medium. Roby Chacko, Shreyak Banhatti, M. Nrisimhamurty, J. K. Yadav, A. K. Gupta, G. Aravind. The Astrophysical Journal (Accepted). 2020.
  • Wigner time delay in photodetachment. Soumyajit Saha, Jobin Jose, Pranawa C. Deshmukh, G. Aravind, Valeriy K. Dolmatov, Anatoli S. Kheifets, and Steven T. Manson. Physical Review A. 99. 043407. 2019.
  • Depletion of FeO in the interstellar medium via its anion resonances. Roby Chacko, Shreyak Banhatti, A. K. Gupta and G. Aravind. The Astrophysical Journal. 2018.
  • Probing anion resonances in FeO−: a species of astrophysical relevance. Roby Chacko, Shreyak Banhatti, A. K. Gupta and G. Aravind. Conference Series. 875 . 102019. 2017.
  • COLLISIONAL DESTRUCTION OF FeC-n (n=1 TO 4, 6) ANIONS OF ASTROPHYSICAL RELEVANCE. M. Nrisimhamurty, R. G. Mane, Roby Chacko, A. K. Gupta, P. C. Deshmukh, and G. Aravind. The Astrophysical Journal. 833 . 269 . 2016.
  • Autoionization resonances in the neon isoelectronic sequence using relativistic multichannel quantum-defect theory. Nrisimhamurty Madugula, G. Aravind, P. C. Deshmukh, S. T. Manson. Physical Review A. 91 . 013404. 2015.
  • Photoelectron imaging of interstellar medium anions. Nrisimhamurty Madugula, Roby Chacko, Pranawa C. Deshmukh, and Aravind Gopalan. Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 635. 112115. 2015.
  • Probing electronic states of TaC and observation of a stable excited state of TaC- by anion-photoelectron spectroscopy. G. Aravind, Nrisimhamurty Madugula, Rupali G. Mane, A. K. Gupta, and E. Krishnakumar. Physical Review A. 92 . 042503. 2015.
  • Photodissociation pathways and lifetimes of protonated peptides and their dimers. G. Aravind, Benedikte Klaerke, Jyoti Rajput, Yoni Toker, Lars Andersen, Anastasia Bochenkova, Rodolphe Antoine, Jerome Lemoine, Amandine Racaud, and Philippe Dugourd. Chem. Phys.. 136. 014307. 2012.
  • Autoionization resonances in the Argon iso-electronic sequence. Juby George, G.B.Pradhan, Milind Rundhe, Jobin Jose, G. Aravind, P. C. Deshmukh. Canadian Journal of Physics. 90(6). 547-555. 2012.
  • Spectral tuning of the Photoactive Yellow Protein chromophore by H-bonding. Jyoti Rajput, Dennis Rahbek, G.Aravind, Lars H.Andersen. Biophysical Journal. 98. Issue3. 2010.
  • Sub-microsecond regime dissociation lifetime studies on Adenosine 5’ monophosphate ions.. G. Aravind, R. Antoine, B. Klaerke, J. Lemoine, A. Racaud, D. B. Rahbek, J. Rajput, P. Dugourd, and L.H. Andersen. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 12. 3486-3490. 2010.
  • Experimental characterization of the metastable D2¯ ion by photofragment imaging. Lutz Lammich, Lars H. Andersen, G. Aravind , Henrik B. Pedersen. Phys. Rev. A. 80. 023413. 2009.
  • Gas phase absorption studies of PYP chromophore derivatives. Tomás Rocha-Rinza, Ove Christiansen, Jyoti Rajput, G. Aravind, Dennis Rahbek, Lars H. Andersen, Anastasia V. Bochenkova, Alexander A. Granovsky, Ksenia B. Bravaya, Alexander V. Nemukhin, Kasper Lincke Christiansen , M. B. Nielsen. Phys. Chem. A. 113. 9442–9449. 2009.
  • Dissociation lifetime studies of doubly deprotonated angiotensin peptides. G. Aravind, L. Lammich , L. H. Andersen,. Phys. Rev. E. 79. 011908. 2009.
  • Probing channel coupling effects on the photoelectron angular distribution in the photodetachment from Cu. G. Aravind, N. Bhargav Ram, A. K. Gupta , E. Krishnakumar.. Phys. Rev. A. 79. 043411. 2009.
  • Investigation of dissociative electron attachment to water using ion momentum imaging. N. B. Ram, V. S. Prabhudesai, P. Rawat, G. Aravind , E. Krishnakumar. J. Phys.: Conf. Ser.. 115. 012006. 2008.
  • Absolute cross sections for dissociative electron attachment to H2O andD2O. Prashant Rawat, V.S. Prabhudesai, G. Aravind, M. A. Rahman , E. Krishnakumar. J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys.. 40 No 24. 4625-4636. 2007.
  • Absolute cross sections for dissociative electron attachment to water, methane and ammonia. P. Rawat, V. S. Prabhudesai, G. Aravind, N. B. Ram, M. A. Rahman , E. Krishnakumar. J. Phys.: Conf. Ser.. 80. 012018. 2007.
  • Velocity Map Imaging of H- Ions from Dissociative Electron Attachment to H2O. N. Bhargava Ram, V.S. Prabhudesai, G. Aravind, P. Rawat , E. Krishnakumar. J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 80. 012017. 2007.
  • Probing site selective fragmentation of molecules containing hydroxyl group using Velocity Slice Imaging. Vaibhav S Prabhudesai, N. Bhargava Ram, G. Aravind, P. Rawat , E. Krishnakumar. J. Phys.: Conf. Ser.. 80. 012016. 2007.
  • Spectral dependence of the asymmetry parameter in the photodetachment from As. G. Aravind, A.K. Gupta, M. Krishnamurthy , E. Krishnakumar,. Phys. Rev. A. 75. 042714. 2007.
  • Photodetachment studies with the linear time of flight photoelectron spectrometer. G. Aravind, A.K. Gupta, M. Krishnamurthy , E. Krishnakumar,. J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 80. 012026. 2007.
  • Probing final state interactions in the photodetachment from OH. G. Aravind, A.K. Gupta, M. Krishnamurthy , E. Krishnakumar. Phys. Rev. A. 76. 042714. 2007.
  • An experimental study on electronic excited states of O2. G. Aravind, A. K. Gupta , M. Krishnamurthy. Chem. Phys. Lett., , , (2006). 424. 252. 2006.
  • Probing potential energy curves of C2¯ by translational energy spectroscopy. A.K. Gupta, G. Aravind , M. Krishnamurthy. Phys. Rev. A. 69. 035201. 2004.


  • 2017 :  (Jan - May) - PH1020 Physics II; (Jul - Nov) - PH1010-Physics I
  • 2018 :  (Jan - May) - PH1020 Physics II; (Jul - Nov) - PH1010 Physics I
  • 2019 :  (Jan - May) - EP3100 Atomic & Molecular Spectroscopy/EP2090 Engineering Physics Lab I; (Jul - Nov) - EP2102 Classical Dynamics/ PH2050 Physics Lab III/ PH7999 Special Topics in Physics/ PH6999 Special
  • 2020 :  (Jan - May) - EP3100 Atomic & Molecular Spectroscopy/ PH5120 Physics Lab II (PG); (Jul - Nov) - EP2102 Classical Dynamics/ PH5060 Physics Lab I (PG)
  • 2021 :  (Jan - May) - PH1020 Physics II; (Jul-Nov) - PH5100 Quantum Mechanics- I ; (Jul - Nov) - PH5100 Quantum Mechanics- I
  • 2022 :  (Jan - May) - EP3100 Atomic & Molecular Spectroscopy/ PH5120 Physics Lab II (PG); (July-Nov) - PH5410 Atomic and Molecular Physics
  • 2023 :  (Jan - May) - PH1020 Physics II