Second Chennai Symposium on Gravitation and Cosmology

February 2-5, 2022

The Symposium

Chennai presently has three major institutes that have research groups working in the areas of gravitation and cosmology: Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI), Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT-M), and the Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc). The Chennai Symposium on Gravitation and Cosmology (CSGC) is a joint effort of the faculty at the three institutions. The aims of the Symposium can be said to be two-fold: (i) to showcase Chennai as an attractive destination for research in the areas of gravitation and cosmology, and (ii) to provide exposure to graduate students and post-doctoral fellows to the recent developments in these areas.

The First CSGC was held during January 22-24, 2020. We had envisaged CSGC as a biennial meeting and the second meeting will be held during February 2-5, 2022. The meeting will be supported by the Centre for Strings, Gravitation and Cosmology, a newly instituted Centre for Excellence at IIT Madras.

Scientific organizing committee

  • Dhiraj Kumar Hazra, IMSc
  • Jérôme Martin, Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris, Paris, France
  • B. S. Sathyaprakash, Pennsylvania State University, USA and Cardiff University, UK
  • L. Sriramkumar, IIT-M
  • Sumati Surya, Raman Research Institute, Bengaluru
  • Amitabh Virmani, CMI

Local organizing committee (all from IIT-M)

  • Divyajyoti
  • Hari K
  • Dawood Kothawala
  • M. Laxman
  • Suvashis Maity
  • Chandra Kant Mishra
  • Kaushik Paul
  • H. V. Ragavendra
  • L. Sriramkumar
  • Sagarika Tripathy

Registration and receiving links to connect for the meeting

Because of the uncertainty due to the pandemic, we will be holding the meeting online over Zoom. Due to various constraints, we are only able to accommodate invited talks.

The registration for the meeting is closed. We will be sharing the link with the registered participants for connecting to the meeting. Occassionally, we have noticed that our emails with the link go into spam. In case you do not receive the link for the meeting, please write to us at

We should also mention that there is a separate link to connect for the Chandrasekhar lecture. We would request you register at this link for the lecture.

Schedule (click here to download a PDF file of the schedule)

Note that all dates and times below (and in the PDF file of the schedule at the above link) are in Indian Standard Time (IST). IST is behind Korean Standard Time by 3:30 hours, ahead of Central European Winter Time by 4:30 hours, Greenwich Mean time by 5:30 hours and Eastern Standard Time by 10:30 hours.

Wednesday, February 2

Chair: L. Sriramkumar
Co-hosts: Arul Lakshminarayan, Sumati Surya
09:15-09:30Introductory remarks by L. Sriramkumar (on behalf of LOC), Arul Lakshminarayan (on behalf of Department of Physics, IIT Madras) and Sumati Surya (on behalf of SOC)
Chair: Sumati Surya
Co-hosts: M Laxman, H. V. Ragavendra
09:30-10:15K. G. ArunTesting general relativity using compact binaries
10:15-11:00Dawood KothawalaReconstructing spacetime geometry from non-local bi-tensors - from Synge's 'world' function to the quantum spacetime
11:00-11:30Coffee break
Chair: Dawood Kothawala
Co-hosts: Suvashis Maity, Sagarika Tripathy
11:30-12:00Rajeev JainCosmological imprints of dynamical gauge fields during inflation
12:00-12:30Srijit BhattacharjeeBlack holes with supertranslation memories
12:30-14:00Lunch break
Chair: Rajeev Jain
Co-hosts: M Laxman, Kaushik Paul
14:00-14:45Sebastien ClessePrimordial black holes in the early universe
14:45-15:15Shilpa KasthaTests of general relativity with the gravitational wave observations
15:15-15:30Rajes GhoshCausality constraints in quadratic gravity
15:30-15:45Hari KTidal versus absolute acceleration effects on Rindler probes
15:45-16:00Abhishek MathurSpacetime entanglement entropy of quantum fields in de Sitter spacetime
16:00-18:00Long break
Chair: Manjari Bagchi
Co-hosts: Sagarika Tripathy, Divyajyoti
18:00-18:15Vaishak PrasadTidal deformations of dynamical horizons in binary black hole mergers
18:15-18:45Vishal BaibhavParents of LIGO’s black holes and their hometown
18:45-19:30Eugenio BianchiQuantum gravity and quantum information

Thursday, February 3

Chair: Sumanta Chakraborty
Co-hosts: Suvashis Maity, Hari K
09:30-10:15Arman ShafielooBeyond the standard model of cosmology
10:15-11:00Alok LaddhaSoft theorems in classical and quantum gravity
11:00-11:30Coffee break
Chair: K. G. Arun
Co-hosts: M Laxman, Kaushik Paul, L. Sriramkumar
11:30-11:45DivyajyotiObserving higher modes of gravitational radiation in future detectors
11:45-12:00Parthapratim MahapatraClues on hierarchical binary black hole mergers from kick velocity inferences
12:00-12:15Koustav ChandraHunting for intermediate-mass black hole with international gravitational-wave observatory network
12:15-12:30Pankaj SainiSystematic biases on parameterized tests of general relativity due to neglect of orbital eccentricity
12:30-14:00Lunch break
Chair: V. Sreenath
Co-hosts: Suvashis Maity, Sagarika Tripathy
14:00-14:45Mairi SakellariadouGravitational waves: The theorist's swiss knife
14:45-15:00Akhil AntonySignature from early universe solves major anomalies and tensions in cosmology
15:00-15:15H. V. RagavendraModifications to secondary gravitational waves due to scalar non-Gaussianity
15:15-15:30Amaury MicheliQuantum discord and decoherence of inflationary perturbations
15:30-16:00Coffee break
Chair: L. Sriramkumar
Co-hosts: Sagarika Tripathy, H. V. Ragavendra
16:00-17:00Kandaswamy Subramanian Chandrasekhar lecture: Magnetizing the universe
17:00-18:00Long break
Chair: Chandra Kant Mishra
Co-hosts: Suvashis Maity, Divyajyoti
18:00-18:30Guillem DomenechGravitational waves from primordial fluctuations
18:30-19:15Anuradha GuptaObservation and astrophysics of gravitational waves: Current status and future prospects
19:15-19:45Aaron HeldBlack holes beyond general relativity: shadows, stability, and nonlinear evolution

Friday, February 4

Chair: Dhiraj Kumar Hazra
Co-hosts: M Laxman, Kaushik Paul
09:30-10:15Prayush KumarNumerical relativity for gravitational-wave astronomy: the past, present and future!
10:15-11:00Tirthankar Roy ChoudhuryStudying the first stars using neutral hydrogen
11:00-11:30Coffee break
Chair: Srijit Bhattacharjee
Co-hosts: Kaushik Paul, Hari K
11:30-11:45Srashti GoyalSearch for signatures of gravitational wave lensing
11:45-12:00Aditya VijayakumarConstraints on the time variation of the gravitational constant using binary neutron star observation
12:00-12:30Sk. Jahanur HoqueSurprising consequences of a tiny positive cosmological constant in Bondi-Sachs formalism
12:30-14:00Lunch break
Chair: Nishikanta Khandai
Co-hosts: Suvashis Maity, Divyajyoti
14:00-14:45Beatrice BongaGravitational waves in cosmology
14:45-15:00Nilanjandev BhaumikPrimordial black holes and induced gravitational wave background from inflation
15:00-15:15Sagarika TripathyDeviations from slow roll inflation and implications for magnetogenesis
15:15-15:30Debabrata AdakForeground challenge to detect primordial B-modes using ECHO -- A fourth generation CMB space mission
15:30-17:30Long break
Chair: B. S. Sathyaprakash
Co-hosts: Hari K, Kaushik Paul
17:30-17:45Pratik TarafdarThe role of Indian pulsar timing array in the global hunt for nanoHz gravitational waves
17:45-18:15Suvodip MukherjeePanorama of the universe with multi-messenger observations
18:15-18:45Rahul KashyapBinary neutron star mergers: What can we learn from the prompt collapse events?
18:45-19:30Surabhi SachdevGravitational-wave observations: what have we learned so far?

Saturday, February 5

Chair: Rajesh Nayak
Co-hosts: Suvashis Maity, Hari K
09:30-10:00Debaprasad MaityGravitational reheating and it's observable effects
10:00-10:15Debodirna GhoshSupertranslations at timelike infinity
10:15-10:30Shanmugapriya PrakashamBlack hole hair removal for N = 4 CHL models
10:30-10:45Srijita SinhaPerturbations in a dark energy model
10:45-11:00RuchikaA growing universe... and tension
11:00-11:30Coffee break
Chair: Debaprasad Maity
Co-hosts: M Laxman, Hari K
11:30-12:00Anuradha SamajdarConstraints on neutron star equation of state from future gravitational wave observations
12:00-12:30Eleni-Alexandra KontouOn semiclassical singularity theorems
12:30-14:00Lunch break
Chair: Alok Ladha
Co-hosts: Divyajyoti, L. Sriramkumar
14:00-14:45Atsushi HiguchiHartle-Hawking state in de Sitter spacetime
14:45-15:30Vincent VenninCan we prove that cosmic structures are of quantum mechanical origin?
15:30-15:45Raghvendra SinghCovariant formulation of the generalized uncertainty principle
15:45-16:00Chandramouli ChowdhuryHolography from the Wheeler-DeWitt equation
16:00-16:15Prerna RanaAstrophysically relevant geodesics in Kerr spacetime
16:15-16:35Amitabh VirmaniSummary of the meeting
16:35-16:45Vote of thanks by Dawood Kothawala (on behalf of LOC)


Click here to download a file containing the complete list of participants.